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Mike Reed
10-12-2009, 07:38 PM
Hi Again,
Same customer but a different question for the grid question.

In the attached grid, you will see where a name was selected, a date entered, a complex was selected, unit number entered and a code selected.
After the code is selected it autofills the type, description, charge and pay so that the user can override them if necessary. What also needs to happen after the code is selected is for some xbasic to run on the server to do a search and and display a pop up if certain criteria exist.

In the last column, there is a G Code - which is the complex ID number, a hypen, the unit number and the first letter of the "code". This Gcode is stored in the table. What my customer wants is a pop up to appear if there is a matching Gcode within the last 30 days. That needs to pop up after the user has selected the code (which is really a price code). The pop up needs to show the complex name, date, unit, code and description of any records that meet the 30 day criteria.

Any thoughts how I could accomplish that.

The second image shows an example of a xdialog box box that appears in the desktop version...so they want the same thing in the web side.


Pat Bremkamp
10-12-2009, 10:27 PM
I haven't done it, but it looks like that's possible in V10.

In the dropdown, click on the JavaScript property. One of the properties is "onSelect".

So, if you are lucky, you can use Action Javascript to "Open a grid component". In the definition, you can pick a grid that you have created that shows the info you want, and add a base filter for the G-Code and date. The genie walks you right through it.

Wow, V10 web really is like the desktop!