View Full Version : Rate field in Timetracking table? Or, timetracking + nonbillable rate


11-19-2009, 09:43 AM

I'm building a report that lists nonbillable hours from the timetracking table. I'm trying to get the employee's pay rate included (we don't currently use QB for payroll).

Currently, each employee has a service item containing their billing and cost rates, and we assign that item to each job on their timesheet. That works fine for creating a report of billable time with bill rate and cost information.

I'm running into trouble with the nonbillable time on the timesheets. Same thing, I created a service item for each nonbillable time category (PTO, etc) and that works great for tracking the time, but I'm not sure where to get the employee's pay rate included--one service item, many employee rates. Other than using billing rate levels, is there another way? I see that the timetracking table has a field called Rate--how does this get populated? Or will I need to purchase the QB payroll component?


11-19-2009, 10:19 AM
Found it:

EmployeeEarning table has a field Payrollinfoearningsrate, and that will do the job.

11-19-2009, 11:38 AM
Good job in finding the EmployeeEarning table for the rate field! Quickbooks does not allow anyone to obtain the rate via the SDK in TimeTracking for some odd reason. But linking TimeTracking to EmployeeEarning in a set is easy enough (once known that the rate field is there that is!).