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01-08-2010, 12:30 PM
Hi all

I've been developing a lab' management db in Filemaker but would like to try AlphaFive as I hear such good things about it. I've just received an email from the company indicating they're doing a $199 special on AlphaFive Developer - can I buy a boxed version of Developer in the UK or is everything downloaded from their site? Does the Developer version allow creation of the AJAX web apps as well as desktop ones?

Lastly, I have a Mac running an XP virtual machine with VMWare Fusion. Can I develop with AlphaFive on this?

01-10-2010, 01:31 PM
Hi Colin

Welcome to the forum. The program is downloaded from the site and gives you the ability to develop desktop and web based apps. You will be able to test the web apps via localhost but to deploy web applications you will also need to obtain the web application server and have somewhere to host it.

A5 is a pc based system but I understand you can run as you planned but someone else should confirm this.

Hope this helps

Kind regards