View Full Version : UK, Quick Training Day Please


03-02-2010, 07:36 AM
Hello friends, I have been using Alpha 5 since its creation. Most of my usage has been in using the operations on a databse of over 2m records. I am quite good on the operation side and have built a few local applications. I now need to move on to more complicated application design and using A5 on the Web. I am looking for a day's 1 to 1 training with an expert in local applications and website applications using A5. This may sound like a tall order, but for an expert I will supply about 30 specific questions that for an expert will be easy. I have considerable understanding of A5 but would like to bend the ear of an expert for my specific application needs. I am prepared to pay for this Day's work and vist the expert at their location. If I need more help, again I will pay for it. Hopefully rates will be fair as most of my work is for charities and vocational training. I really do not want to go onto a course where there are loads of people and where my specific application method requirements are impossible to address. Some of my questions are incredibly simple and the answers are known but unclear to me. I simply need to have them demonstrated so I can leave the meeting with more confidence in what I already know and what is probably has always been staring me in the face. ,I use A5 v 10. Thanks Howard based in Kent in SE UK