View Full Version : A4V6 to A5 -Tip on memo


Steve Pick
07-19-2010, 06:51 PM
Don't know if this has been covered before but I remember it was fairly easy to use an A4 DB in A5.
However, today the fields, using A5 Db to look at the A4db, were truncated immediately before my memo field. I had 10 fields in A4 and the memo field was in position # 8 and I only got 7 fields when looking at it with A5.

I couldn't readily see the answer on this message board but vaguely remembered something about the memo field being at the end. Sure enough when I moved the memo field to position 10 all the A4 records looked good using A5. Took an hour to figure this out. Haven't done much for a long time.

Al Buchholz
07-19-2010, 07:21 PM

I've also modified the table in A5 and then the format of the memo file has changed from the A4 (.bpt?) to A5(.fpt)