View Full Version : Does A5W run through personal cloud devices


Stephen Williams
06-19-2011, 07:00 PM
I am trying to keep abreast of A5 and computing issues generally as I contemplate buying a tablet. My old Palm Pilot is getting erratic and I would kinda like all the perks of a tablet.

I stuck with version 7 as it has everything I need and I don't have any mobile phone with web browsers. In looking at the options I was told about pogoplug. I really know nothing about pogoplug - it is just one of a number of devices that gives web access to a hard drive at home - hence the personal cloud.

As far as I can tell they allow file access through a web browser. Would that then let me run A5 off my hard drive and I could access it through a tablet?

My life is very simple these days, and I would have to upgrade and rebuild my app for the web and etc but if I am seeing the way of computing this looks like the how things will work on the emerging hardware.

I am mostly curious about the hardware options here - exploring the compatibilities and options.