View Full Version : No AJAX callback for dialog2 buttons when linked by another grid ?


10-31-2011, 04:02 PM

I can't undertand why I get an "XHTTP 500 Internal Server Error, Script Error, Component not found" in my linked grids (Grid -> Dialog2). I could reproduce the problem with this simple case :

I just made a dialog2 Grid with one single button. I made also a Grid on a MySQL table. Then I link this grid to the dialog2 grid. With Live or Working Preview, no problem, the two grids are rendered normally.
Then I insert an AJAX call back on the button (with no code executed inside) and, with "Live Preview", I get the error. But with "Working Preview", I do not have any error ... (And if I insert debug(1) in the AJAX code, the debugger starts indeed inside the AJAX function)
Last but not least, if I try the dialog2 alone in Life preview or Working Preview, I do not have any error when clicking on the button ... ???

Any Idea ? Being a new user, I wonder if this is a bug ? Am I missing something ?

Thanks, Joël