I'm trying to use a Row Expander linked Content grid to update a parent record when a child record is updated or added.

I have a parent record 'Job' table with primary key of JobID which has amongst others 3 fields on it, AppointmentDate, AppointmentAMPM and AppointmentComments. I then have the 'Contact' child table with a primary key of ContactID and a foreign key of JobID. This record also has the same fields amongst others, AppointmentDate, AppointmentID and AppointmentComments. The data is in SQL.

The called grid in the Row Expander linked Content uses an SQL statement Query with a select and a join from the Contact Table to the Job Table.

What I'm trying to do is show the child records in a row expander and allow the user to add contact records under the parent, this is all working fine, the childs inherit the parent key and the data is saved correctly if I display fields from the Job Table in the Row Expander grid they display fine.

What I'd like to do is allow the user to add a new child record to the row expander grid and for the values of the child fields in AppointmentDate, AppointmentAMPM and AppointmentComments to be updated in the master table in the parent grid and then redisplay the parent grid to refresh the three fields.

To do the update from the child to the parent I've tried lots of different options such as to to use the OnChange Javascript on the fields to do the update for example:-

var valdate = {grid.Object}.getValue('G','AppointmentDate',{Grid.RowNumber});

but this doesn't work properly at all (I get some pretty random types of updates occurring on the parent record, if I add a new record I then have to change the fields and re-save in order to get the update to work).

What I want to do is pretty simple in concept, to update a parent record on update or change of a child record in a row expander grid but the reality of this is much more difficult.

I've been trying to get this to work on and off for two days now and still having problems. If anyone know a solution it would be most welcome.

Thank You.