I have a grid component that works great.

However now I need to change the data binding (table field) for many of the fields on this grid.

Essentially, replace some existing fields with new fields, and it will look exactly the same, except some grid columns are now bound to new table fields.

So the table remains the same, the grid will look exactly the same,
but I need to just change the back end table field binding in the data source, for several of the grid columns.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Two methods I can think of, but can't see how to achieve:

(a) add new field to grid

"copy all properties" from original (old) grid field to the new grid field

delete the old grid field, once it's been replicated with the new field

(b) change the data binding (table field) of an existing grid field.

The closest thing I can see, is the property called "Field to Update"

but that's not exactly what I need, because I need to change the actual real "Field binding" (in the table)

The point of asking the above is...

At the moment the only way I can see to achieve my goal, is very time consuming, as follows:

- add these new fields in to the grid

- and then one property at a time, copy every single property between each old and new field
(to make the old field behave exactly the same as the existing fields it is replacing)

- then delete the old fields once the new fields are formatted and have all the properties set exactly the same as the old field they are replacing.