I had some grids that had a search and detail part. I created these grids before I changed to mysql and version 12. I don't know when this "broke" as it did work at one time, but this is the problem I started having:

Within the search part I have radio buttons for company type. The type is really a numeric value with a text display value. Character fields don't have a problem. When I would execute the search, I get the "Could not get count of records" error. When I defaulted the value to a certain type (search initial value=1, for example) and I forced the search when the component is loaded, I also get the error. I ended up recreating a test component from scratch just to see if it would work and this time it inserted a value in the "SEARCH EXPRESSION" field: company.TYPEID. This evidently provided the field type that was needed for the query.

I'm posting this in the hopes that it will help someone else who encounters this problem.