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Walking a Folder Structure to gather Files/Images

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    Walking a Folder Structure to gather Files/Images


    Looking for help in gathering all the images from a folder and sub-folders after providing a starting path and types. The code needs to auto navigate the structure looking for certain types of files (.jpg, .bmp, .avi, .mpg, .whatever) and then inserting them into a sql table.

    Is this where xbasic is needed? Any code, tutorials, and/or videos?

    I'm thinking of a form that contains 3 controls, a textbox that contains the starting path, a button that runs the process, and a multi-select list box where the user selects all the file types needed.


    Re: Walking a Folder Structure to gather Files/Images

    Here's a function I created a while ago to do something like you are requesting. May be a good starting point for you. It loads the photo path and name, but does not load the actual photo into the table.

    'Date Created: 17-Feb-2012 09:25:13 AM
    'Last Updated: 29-May-2013 10:29:41 AM
    'Created By : 174admin148
    'Updated By : nfnportal
    FUNCTION Load_Photos_into_Photos AS C ( )
    ' Version 4, 7-17-14, By Pat
    ' This UDF loads photo info into the photos table.
    ' Looks in every project directory and checks for photos. If there are some, loads into the Photos table
    ' The unique index on directory name / photo name in the table prevents duplicates
    dim cnx as SQL::Connection
    dim crs as SQL::ResultSet
    dim args as SQL::Arguments
    dim cnx_OK as L
    dim exe_OK as L
    dim vSelect as c
    dim vInsert as c
    ' every project has 5 subdirectories
    dim vBasePath as c
    vBasePath = "c:\enefen\000_NFN_Projects"
    dim vDirectoryList as c
    vDirectoryList = <<%txt%
    dim vSubDirectory as c
    dim vProjectname as c
    dim vPhotoList as c
    cnx_OK ="::name::nfn")
    if cnx_OK = .t.
    exe_OK = cnx.execute(vSelect)
    if exe_OK = .t.
    crs = cnx.ResultSet
    ' look in every directory in every project
    while crs.NextRow()
    vPhotoList = ""
    vJobno =
    vProjectname =
    for each vDir in vDirectoryList
    args.set("arg Dir",vDir)
    vPhotoList = filefind.get(vBasePath+chr(92)+vProjectname+chr(92)+vDir+chr(92)+"*.*",0,"N")
    if len(vPhotoList)>4
    for each pic in vPhotoList
    if upper(right(pic.value,3)) = "JPG" .or. upper(right(pic.value,4)) = "JPEG" 'by policy, all are jpg
    vInsert = <<%txt%
    VALUES ( :argJobno, :argProjName,:argDir,:argPicname,curdate(),:argFullname)
    exe_OK = cnx.execute(vInsert,args)
    end if
    next 'each pic
    end if
    next 'next directory
    end while 'more projects
    end if 'exe_OK
    end if 'cnx_OK
    Pat Bremkamp
    MindKicks Consulting


      Re: Walking a Folder Structure to gather Files/Images

      Hi Pat, good to here from you... I spent a day with you to my left at the conference...

      Regarding your code, there is several places that I don't understand what's going on...
      vDirectoryList = <<%txt%

      You say this code only goes 5 folders deep, yet I do not see anything that enforces that. I need to search the entire hierarchy, no matter how many folders deep.

      I see you are using "for each". How do you know when it is finished? In vfp, we start it with "for each" and end it it with an "endfor"...

      Similar to the "for each" above, where does "end while" loop I see near the bottom start? In vfp, we start a while loop with a "do while" and end it with a "enddo", so I need some clarification.



        Re: Walking a Folder Structure to gather Files/Images

        Hi again Stanley
        In my case I only need to search 5 sub directories and I know what they are, so I name them explicitly. In your case, if you use filefind.get() with a different last parameter, you can get the subdirectories. Then, when there are none in the directory, you have reached the end of the tree. Look for filefind.get() in the help.

        Same as above

        In xbasic, for each ends automatically when it reaches the end of the list. No need for an "exit for", but you can use that to bail out early if you want.

        The start of the loop is "while" and the end of the loop is "end while"

        Pat Bremkamp
        MindKicks Consulting


          Re: Walking a Folder Structure to gather Files/Images

          Hi Pat,

          Is there a code formatter that will indent the code so its easier to read? I've copied your code to a text editor and started manually indenting it, and quite frankly its running together and not blocking out as I'd expect to see it. This would help me as I could then see the code as sections/blocks.

          I've just ordered the whole kitten-ku-buttle from Susan, which I hope will help in figuring this strange (non-traditional) language out. I say that because of all the metaphors, as traditionally we add controls to a page/form. But here we have an UX control which is the page or a control on a page. A lot of overlapping metaphors.

          Any idea where the videos/tutorials are for the grid that has children in a sub grid, that also has children in a sub grid that Doron Faber?? demo'ed somewhere? That is some power that we can use.

          And yet another question, How is the best way to change the name of a control that a genie had woven into the project? I done the "disconnected" app last night using the defaulted "list1" and "list2" controls when following along. The I decided to see how much pain Alpha could inflect on me by simple changing their names to something more meaningful like "LIST_Page" and "LIST_PartyName". Well, after 3+ hours, I still don't have it right. I found the "search the project files" menu item, but that shows the UX control that I've changed... (I already know that, as its the one that I made the changes to) I search for "LIST1" and it then shows me a lot of code in a code window where I see the old "LIST1" in the code. It is spaghetti, as I look as best as I know how at the references and I see no "LIST1" in the references. Also when running it in the browser, it errors on like line 1505. What's with that, as I have no files that has more than 20 lines of code. Where is that file, and can I edit it?

          Fustrating... any ideas,



            Re: Walking a Folder Structure to gather Files/Images

            Here is a portion of my Image Management module from the Framework. I left out the part that writes the files to a JSON file.

            It specifically does not recurse folders, so you have to alter it to do that. You can swap out this line for the similar one below for starters:
            lst = filefind.get_recurse(img_fldr + chr(92) + "*.*",FILE_FIND_NOT_DIRECTORY,"PN")

            '==The script looks at the contents of the designated Images Folder.
            '==Note - the script does NOT recurse subfolders below the designated Images Folder. But you could modify the code to do this
            '==The script will weed out any non-graphic files and any that start with the Thumbnail Prefix.

            function post_images as c (e as p)

            dim img_fldr as c = "images"
            dim valid_img as c = ".jpg,.png,.gif,.jpeg,.bmp"
            dim thumb_prefix as c = "thumb_"
            dim app_url as c = Request.ApplicationRootUrl
            dim app_fldr as c = Request.ApplicationRoot
            dim arr[0] as p

            if a5_is_path_valid(img_fldr) = .f.
            post_images = "alert('Error - Invalid image path defined in post_images function');"
            end if

            '==create list of valid images sitting in images folder

            lst = filefind.get(img_fldr + chr(92) + "*.*",FILE_FIND_NOT_DIRECTORY,"N")

            '==weed out invalid image files and thumbnails from lst
            dim lst2 as c = ""
            for each foo in lst
            if inlist2(file.filename_parse(foo,"E"),valid_img)
            if at(thumb_prefix,foo) <> 1
            lst2 = lst2 + foo + crlf()
            end if
            end if
            lst = lst2

            '==add all images in default folder to table if not already in table
            dim cn as sql::Connection
            dim args as sql::Arguments
            for each foo in lst

            fn = img_fldr + chr(92) + foo
            img_size = a5_getimagesize(fn).widthPixels + "px X " + a5_getimagesize(fn).heightPixels + "px"
            file_size = file.size(fn)

            if sql_lookup(cn,"wt_image","filename=:filename","filename",args) = ""
            vsql = "INSERT INTO wt_image (filename) VALUES (:filename)"
            end if

            if file.exists(app_fldr + img_fldr + chr(92) + thumb_prefix + foo)
            vsql = "UPDATE wt_image SET thumb=1,image_size='{img_size}',file_size={file_size} WHERE filename='"+foo+"'"
            vsql = "UPDATE wt_image SET thumb=0,image_size='{img_size}',file_size={file_size} WHERE filename='"+foo+"'"
            end if
            vsql = evaluate_string(vsql)
            if cn.execute(vsql) = .f.
            end if


            end function
            Steve Wood
            See my profile on IADN