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popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

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  • popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

    Hello. I'm currently redesigning an app I had made to connect to a SharePoint SQL database, but due to many considerations I am redoing it from scratch. All the tutorial videos are well done, demonstrates the capabilities of the software nicely. I have a specific need though that I have not seen addressed, although it seems like it should be a common one.

    I have the user enter in several fields, and I would like some sort of an alert or popup to show them one last time exactly what data they are about to submit. This is because of the nature of the application, I cannot allow the technicians to alter data once it has been submitted, since later billing will be done against that data. (Can't have guys going back after things have been verified and changing billing codes.) I see several ways to do AJAX callbacks, but cannot see how I would query and display the dirty fields themselves in a popup window before submitting.

    I am certainly no real developer, learning as I go. Any help from someone who can point me in the proper direction is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?


    I would do this on the client-side. You haven't indicated UX or Grid... so let's say UX.

    Create a Window Container and put unbound controls in there... or static text fields that you can set .innerHTML. Anything that will allow you to perform a .getValue to get the values from your entered fields and then set those values into the unbound verification fields. If you use controls, set them to read only.

    Move the Submit button into this window as well.

    Add a "Verify" button to your main UX section which, when clicked, will perform the .getValue and .setValue (or set innerHTML if static fields) and then pop up the Window container. When the window pops up, you'll see the values for all your fields
    and your Submit button.

    Finally, on the Submit button... add an message to pop up and ask if they're sure they want to submit. Check the answer and if yes then submit and take down the window. If no, just take down the window.

    To find info on how to use the function get into the Alpha documentation and do a full text search on it.

    A second way to do this would be to add code to your Submit button... get the values and shove them into a formatted message because it takes full HTML for a message.

    The message solution would look something like this...

    var dt1 = {dialog.Object}.getValue('date1');
    var dt2 = {dialog.Object}.getValue('date2');
    var msg = 'Are you sure you want to submit these values?<br><br>'+dt1+'<br>'+dt2+'<br>';'Verify Data',msg,'oc',function(button){
    if(button == 'ok'){
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      Re: popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

      On initial read, I can tell I am going to have to break down this response bit by bit. Thanks, it looks like this is the direction I needed. It is indeed a UX component. I would like to not have to use a 'verify' button, as I am dealing with cable television techs, it's hard to even get them to use email sometimes much less than adding another button they are supposed to click every time before submitting a form. I will look into how to use the There's some 60 or 70 possible fields that may be dirtied, typically only a few. So I need some sort of a window containing unbound controls, one unbound for every bound? Then probably some show/hide code based on if/else the getValue is null, so the popup window stays small and only contains info about dirty fields?

      I see you threw in some example code above after I replied. That does make sense, I would just need to figure out how to not have 67 blank fields show up when 3 are dirty, I'd like the end use to only see and verify what was actually changed in the form. I can get on what you have there as an awesome start, regardless. I really appreciate the help!
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        Re: popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

        I figured you'd be heading in that direction... what's the point of a long list of controls you don't need to see.

        Selwyn provided some excellent code to use the dialog .harvestRow() method... which is the same method used when the dialog is submitted.

        Then I added an old and new value comparison. This is in case the user changes a field, then changes their mind and puts back the old value. You don't really need this, but I figured... why not.

        This code picks out the dirty fields... and then grabs the old and new values for those fields. The old and new values are compared and, if different, are included in the msg.
        The msg only includes dirty fields.

        I haven't tested this against all types of controls, so you'll have to report back if you run into any issues. Something else you could do if format the found dirty fields into a table and submit that in the message.
        Again, this is ok for a short list... but if you have a user changing 80 fields this is going to look silly. In that case I'd push the dirty info into a List control and present that to the user.

        var data = {dialog.object}._harvestRow(1);
        data = data.split('&');
        var txt = 'dirtyColumns.R1='; //ALPHA%0D%0AGAMMA
        var indx = -1;
        for(var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) { 
        	if( data[i].indexOf('dirtyColumns.R1') == 0) { 
        		indx = i;
        if(indx == -1) { 
        //	alert('no dirty controls');
        } else {
        	var dirty = data[indx];
        	dirty = dirty.split('=');
        	dirty = dirty[1];
        	if(dirty == '') { 
        		//alert('no dirty controls1');
        	} else { 
        		//string is urlencoded
        		dirty = dirty.split('%0D%0A');
        		//loop through the controls found to be dirty
        		var msg = '';
        		var currInfo;
        		var newInfo;
        		var currValue;
        		var newValue;
        			//get the control's original value
        			for(var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) { 
        				if(data[i].indexOf('old.V.R1.' + dirty[z]) == 0){
        					currInfo = data[i];
        					currValue = currInfo.split('=');
        					currValue = currValue[1];
        			//get the control's new value
        			for(var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) { 
        				if(data[i].indexOf('V.R1.' + dirty[z]) == 0){
        					newInfo = data[i];
        					newValue = newInfo.split('=');
        					newValue = newValue[1];
        			if(currValue != newValue){
        				msg = msg + dirty[z] + ": " + newValue + "<br>";
        		if(msg != ''){
        			msg = 'Are you sure you want to submit these values?<br><br>' + msg + '<br>';
 'Verify Data',msg,'oc',function(button){
        				if(button == 'ok'){


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          Re: popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

          That, my man, is some sexy code for a submit button right there. I don't think I would have been able to cobble that together myself, I'm just not that experienced yet. I will certainly give that a try and report back when I have some results. I am somewhat surprised this kind of thing doesn't exist in the AA wizards anywhere. As I said before, it seems like something a lot of people would find useful.

          As far as the dirtying 80 fields, in this case that will never happen. It's almost always going to be around 6-10. Ideally I would exclude a few that don't matter that would be dirty every time (account numbers, tech name and number, etc) and only look at billing codes but now that's just getting picky. :) This was a big requirement for the app to be actually useful, as we are trying to make it as easy as possible for them in the field, and cut down on operator error.


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            Re: popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

            Here's a bit of my take on Alpha... and software development environments... in general. In Alpha there is a whole wack of amazing stuff. A lot. What you've suggested is a great process... but... have to say... it's the first time I've come across it. If you can ask some good questions... like yours... and get access to some tools that will help build what you want... then that's a great environment. I've yet to run across a process or and idea that Alpha can't handle... and handle it gracefully.

            I agree... for cutting down on errors... this is a great idea. Thanks for the chance to work on it.


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              Re: popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

              david's contribution is excellent.
              you could also do another way if you are open to it.
              you say you have ux(dialog by another name). and have some 80 controls. then you add one more control this time it is a text area control. make it 4in wide 5 in deep. and wrap it in a container.
              all the other controls will be in another container.
              then all the other control will have a button that is called NEXT.
              the submit rest button will be in the text area container and that will be hidden to start with. the next button will make it appear.
              now in each control you have a code to copy the summary value and delete it and get the value of the control and append to the summary value and paste it back to summary field. this will be in the onChange event of the control.
              so the text are comes to visible and the technician submits the button or reset the dialog.

              take a look at this:
              and example since my text may be confusing.
              you can make it skip if the value is null.
              again another way to skin the cat.
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              thanks for reading


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                Re: popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

                Just wanted to report back, this code worked flawlessly into a window, exactly as I had imagined would be needed. I wish I could upload a beer to you through a forum. Later I'll comb through that code line by line and try to make sure I understand how it all does what it does. I can look at it and understand, but it helps me to learn by going through and trying to translate each line into English.


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                  Re: popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

                  GGhandi, I'm checking out your screencast. I see you made the effort to not only respond but make a 5 minute video, I always like to see alternatives!


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                    Re: popup to verify dirty fields before submitting to server?

                    Just wanted to report back, this code worked flawlessly into a window, exactly as I had imagined would be needed
                    when something works, don't fix it.
                    glad to see you solve it that is more important.
                    thanks for reading


                    version 11 3381 - 4096
                    mysql backend
                    [email protected]
                    Skype:[email protected]
                    1 914 924 5171