I'm using AA 4.x. and am attempting to duplicate the embedded report and search/filtering techniques as shown in the "V11 Videos/DialogPowerSearchReports."

The report works fine as a standalone report and all data fields, etc. print as intended.

When this report is embedded into a UX mirroring the V11 video, the report filters as desired, but the calculated fields are empty. One is a concatenated customer lastname, firstname, middle initial, etc. One field is made up of home, work and cell phone numbers, and the third is made up of home and work email addresses.

All these fields print as intended in the "un-embedded" report...as a stand alone. The fields are "stuffed" into rich text areas, but I don't think it's a rich text problem, because the customer street addresses, city, state, etc. are also embedded in rich text fields and these print the same in the embedded and un-embedded reports.

The problem seems to be that the "dropped" fields are calculated rather than just fields dropped into the report form.

Anyone else have this problem or know what's causing it?