can someone elaborate the difference between setting the value of an argument "at run time" vs from a "page variable"?
I have a list control that I am using the page variable for the job Id and the the other two arms to be set at run time.

The behavior with which I am having an issue is the list control arg seems to be reverting to the previous value of the detail after I select the next record in the list. I may need to do a video to describe it better but what happens is I change a value in the detail view, it saves and returns to the list. I select a different list control item and it goes to the detail view and the arg is correct then it switches back to the previous value right in front of my eyes.
All I can think is the method to set the arg should be different. It doesn't happen every single time, and it was a user that brought to my attention. After going through the motions I saw it happen myself.

Like I said I don't think it's a bug I think it's the way I am using the argument itself, so what is the difference between them and what are the reasons to use one over the other?