I don't know about anyone else but the Work Queue is something I really wanted to use - but did not quite get the video instructions provided (I felt there was a step missing), it was a little like taking a kid to the beach on a hot day and then telling them they had to sit on the sand all day.

Well I asked for more information and this was the answer from Selwyn - this should set those who are not sophisticated enough to think it out (like me) on their way to success.

the work-queue table has a field that contains the xbasic to execute

the pseudo code to execute this code would be

1. read the next record from the work queue and set its locked flag to true so no other process can read this record
2. get the xbasic script to run
3. use the evaluate_template() function to execute the script.
4. update the record in the work queue to mark is as handled.