Instead of reports I use the 'PDF from HTML' method extensively. This generally works well for my needs.

I have two issues...

1) The method itself prematurely hides my wait message yet the function is still running. This leaves the user wondering what is going on.

2) For large components this method takes a long time to finish ....45-60 seconds for my larger components.

Here is how my method is constructed ...




The image quality parameter doesn't appear to do anything. If I set it to 1 or 94 there is no change to the quality or time it takes to finish. I know it's the PDF from HTML method that kills my wait message because I can set my wait message for 5 minutes, drop the hide wait message function and my wait message is gone in about 15 seconds.

I know that an actual report would be ideal but my app emulates medical forms that go on for pages and pages and creating such a report is terribly time consuming.

Advice and suggestions are most welcome.

Thank you.