I've been running tests of a PhoneGap app I have built comparing how it runs on an iPhone7 and a Google Pixel (w/ 7.1.1 figuring this is the best case scenario for a stock no frills build of Android). I am noticing (and getting feedback from users) that the app transitions and reaction times to button taps (using "tap" action not "click" action) is significantly slower on Android. Is this just a case that the underlining web app wrapper in iOS is better suited for running PhoneGap apps compared to the one in Android or is there things I can do to help with this? I've attempted using the CrossWalk browser plugin but this doesn't really give much of a performance gain if any and it seems to cause other issues at random on Android (i.e. I have a couple buttons that load webpages within the built in app browser and these buttons fail about 25% of the time when the Crosswalk Browser Plugin is loaded). Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same lagging and what things they have come up with to overcome it?