I am looking for a Developer that is interested in helping me design the next version of my free Installation Maker Plugin (APPin) for v12, 11, & 10. My goal has always been the following:

  1. Provide a free installation maker that is simple to use for the beginner but complex enough to handle the requirements of the advanced user.
  2. Provide an installation maker that can manage & distribute updates for applications originally distributed using this plugin.
  3. Provide the features and more found in more expensive third party applications except with the ease of use/implementation the comes from incorporating this plugin into Alpha 5.
  4. Continued use of Inno Setup as the compilation engine. Inno is one of the most widely used, stable, & comprehensive installation Makers on the market with outstanding community support.

Any developer interested does not need to be familiar with Inno. I am more interested in developing and expanding the current features of my plugin to ensure that it meets all of requirements of the Alpha 5 community. I'm putting this request out not to off-load development time to someone else but to gain a new perspective on how we can make this plugin the best it can be. If you are interested, have questions, or would like to discuss, send me a private message. A link to the code archive page follows to download the application.