My discussion below boils down to - How do you get email display to be consistent for different receiving environments? I am getting some unusable results.

I have started sending emails using Sparkpost smtp calls. Went great until I let some users try it. USERS!!

Some email recipients are not automatically seeing the HTML version of the email. Instead they see the plain text "stub" version. The HTML version is included as an attachment. Office 365/Exchange seems to be the culprit. HTML display is fine for POP recipients. Anyone else see this?

I am sending the company logo as an in-line image vs. a web resource. Again, works fine for POP users. But for Office 365 the logo does not render in the email.

Using the Samsung mobile email client, the HTML and logo render (mostly) correctly, but font size changes are ignored.

I needed a table layout to get some fields to align. Looks good from POP, but cell borders are visible with O365.
[CODE]<table cellpadding=
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