This applies to the developer and the runtime of V12 (and V11).

I first had this problem with V11 and still do but it also happens with Alpha Anywhere V12 on some Windows 7 and lower machines.

With V12, unless it is Run as Administrator every time you will get an error message stating there where problems opening the OLE object a5conteceval.contexteval.12

If I remember right I get an additional error with V11.

Checking on the files to see if they are registered it appears everything is ok.

I have machines that do not get this error and everything runs find but on other machines you have to Run as Administrator every time. This happens on some my machines and some of my customers machines.

This problem does not appear to happen on Windows 8 machines or at least I have not been notified of it by any of my customers. What I am doing right now to save problems when my customers install my app is I generate two different installers, 1 with V10.5 runtime for use on Win 7 and lower and another one with V11 (changing over to V12) for Windows 8.

Here is a screen shot of the error and one of they system info on one of the computers that this happens. Also there are two links to reports of the registered files.



Anyway, been stumped since V11