How to fire a detail view's field lookup pop up grid or open pop up grid companent when pressing on read only grid's "new Record"?

The Idea is to fire pop up grid for selecting an Item on a new record (just by one click, when pressing new record). Right now user press twice:
1) press the "new record" on read only grid.
2) press the field's lookup icon or press the field if I use field's onClick JavaScript event on the detail view.
And only then I have pop up grid for an Item selection.

I want use "afterDetailViewNewRecord" envent, but there is no examples and info around what can be fired in this event and most the JavaScript code give "Object doesn't support this property or method" error, but work OK with another JavaScript System events.

I tested all about JavaScript System events.
Alpha Wiki givs zero information about JavaScript System events, just one page
and several small examples.

Where I can find the information, reference, examples about JavaScript System events, used JavaScript components, arguments for each event?
What syntax can be used in each event?
For example - clear answer about alpha five and ".focus()" function, where and how it can be used in A5 JavaScript System events.

About syntax and arguments - Wiki have title how to set up dynamic pop up detail view's Title.
Line - {grid.object}._dvFloatingWindow.setTitle('Detail View for Customer - ' + x);
There is no explanations about ._dv... variations (._dvFloatingWindow is for [popup] detail view, what about [onpage] detail view), there is no explanations about .setTitle - when, why etc..

It's very bad that for easy answer you must wait some weeks, because you can't find answers in official wiki and there is no books about it...

Thanks for help,