Hi All,

I have a database with a mapped table. I created a report against the mapped table and have a link to it in a tabbed ui web component. The report runs fine except when I include a filter expression. When I include a filter expression (using the filter builder) I get this message:

Report did not print. Error reported was:

Layout name: Day [email protected]:\a5v11\data\mapdocumentation.ddd
Layout type: report
Invalid report filter expression: '(service = "Day Hab" ) .and. (between(date_of_service,{12/30/2011},{12/30/2011}) )'.

I would like to know if anyone else has experienced problems running reports against mapped tables in a web application, particularly when a filter expression has been defined. I'm only having problems with mapped tables. My reports created against tables and sets run fine with the filter expression. I want to determine if this might be a bug in Alpha's software.

Bob A.