Build 2687 / 3930
I have two different repeating sections in my dialogue form.
The Total of the line items appear on the textboxes - XPARTSTOT,XLABORAMT,XLABOURHR.
I actually see the total. The bindings are showing the respective fields of the PARENT table (problem). Line items are being saved to child tables (no problem here)
But the data fails to save everytime. No error message.
All other items including line items to different dbf gets saved without problem. The calculated fields are the problem ones.
Is there any other way to save these calculated fields.
I have the following entry (serverside):

function afterDialogValidate as v (e as p)
if e.dirtyColumns <> ""
dim AddFields as c
AddFields = <<%text%
e.dirtyColumns = remove_blank_lines(e.dirtyColumns + crlf()+ AddFields)
end if
ExecuteServerSideAction("Save Data::dataSAVE")