Spent a while trying to figure this out but no joy so far.

In my grid I have code to send an email in the "AfterUpdateRecord" function of the Server-side Events. Everything is working fine but I would like to include the filtered set of results from my grid. I can't figure out how to do this.

My current code is:
'Send an e- mail message using the Alpha Five e-mail clilent.
Dim message_type as c
Dim Func_Area as c
Dim Hold_Reason as c

Func_Area = e.dataSubmitted.Functional_Area
Hold_Reason = e.dataSubmitted.Reas

message_type = "HTML"
param_to = "[email protected]"
param_subject = e.dataSubmitted.OrderNumber
param_cc = ""
param_bcc = ""
html_msg = <<%html%
<head> </head>
<p> This is an automated email from Alpha Five </p>
<p> The Grid Details </p>
<p> <b>Functional Area:</b> {Func_Area}</p>
<p> <b>Hold Reason:</b> {Hold_Reason}</p>
<p> Would like to insert either the Filtered Grid here or a SQL recordset

param_message = evaluate_string(html_msg)
attachment_list = ""
param_attachments = alltrim(attachment_list)
'Send the e-mail message directly - do not open the Alpha Five e-mail client
send_result = email_send(param_to,param_subject,param_message,param_attachments,param_cc,param_bcc,.t.,message_type)
if send_result = 1 then
ui_msg_box("Notice","E-mail message sent.",UI_INFORMATION_SYMBOL)
ui_msg_box("Error","E-mail message was not sent.",UI_STOP_SYMBOL)
end if

Many thanks for any help,