Hello Everyone.

I have a Dialog that stores Login Names and Login Passwords and a few other fields. The user can Encrypt/Decrypt the passwords and it works fine.
I use the lines
dim encryptedfield as c = a5_encrypt_string(unencryptedfield, encryptionkey) to encrypt
dim unencryptedfield as c = a5_decrypt_string(encryptedfield, encryptionkey) to decrypt.

Like I said it works great unless the user tries to decrypt using the wrong key. Then Alpha gives an error which I understand because it is the wrong key.

My question. Can I intercept Alphas long technical error window and replace it with my own. Something that says You Have Entered the Wrong Key.

This is the Alpha Error Message I want to intercept
ScreenHunter_68 May. 27 10.58.jpg

John H.
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