I'm using DBF tables. I have a parent, a child and a third stand alone table.

I have a single web page.

When the page is opened, a read only grid is displayed, the parent. When pressing on a button in the last column of this grid, the child table is opened as another read only grid, a window object.

When pressing on a button in the last column of the child grid, a UX component is opened, a window object. The UX component is populated by session variables from the parent and child grids. In addition, some other variables in the UX are required to be filled in by the user.

When the submit button is pressed on the UX component, the data is written to the third table and the UX closes. This is what I want. However, when focus is returned to the second read only grid, (grid based on the child table), a new row has been added.

The new row contains or is a duplicate of everything from the first row of the grid. Each time I open the UX component and after each time I submit the new data from the UX component, I get a repeat of the first row added to the read only grid.

The data submitted to the server is totally different from what is being added to the grid. After entering 2 new records using the UX, the attached picture is what the child read only grid looks like. How does one go about preventing this from happening?