I know this has been discussed to death as I reviewed the board for answers 1st before this post.

Opportunistic Locking and Read Caching
on Microsoft Windows Networks read the paper and have not yet done this but my issue is on a webapp only. Do we think the same issue applies to a webapp?

I have a new XPpro machine with 4gig ram as the database machine, I have 8-10 users banging the database all day long (23 hours a day). Performance on some tables is slow 15-30 seconds to load and or switch, etc once you click on a record. The tables have 5,000 to 7,000 records. I use all grid components so it is all vanilla Alpha stuff.

I have tweaked the machines memory cache etc....turned off antivirus and now starting to turn off none essential services not need to run but no speed improvement yet. Have not done the Opportunistic Locking thing yet.

Do I have to? Does that effect a wepapp?
Nicholas Wieland