Hi all,

I'm trying to design a process to allow a manager to distribute Customer Accounts to his employees.

From the web page, A manager needs to perform a search against Customer table (easy enough)

Then he needs the ability to assign (1) Employee(from a dropdown) to, a random number of Customers, returned from on the Grid.

So, if the search result returns 100 records, he needs the option to assign....lets say 20...of those accounts to "Tom".

I have a field on the Customers table for the Employee assigned to the account.

After the Manager specifies the number of accounts...then...lets say the Top 20 accounts...should be updated with the Employee name from the dropdown.

of course the manager should have the option to select all.

Basically an account distribution process.

I attempted adding a dialog component to the same Web page as the grid...with Employee and #Accts as the options. But since the Dialog is not tied to the Grid results...the logic seems to fail.

Any Ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.