I have a grid which has data in it which the user will verify. When the user verifies a row, I want that user's ID (already a session variable) and the current date to populate the EmpCert1 field.

I determined I can do this with a custom control using HTML to create a button in the field which will insert that data into the table. However, I want to add the data to the table on the "onclick" event. I know how I could do this using xbasic, but my research and testing has shown me that I can't go inserting xbasic in the middle of html. Is Javascript the way this is done? If so how?

What I have so far is:
Empcert1_render = If(Data.Empcert1=Null_Value(),<<%html%
<button class="btnSubmitChecked" onclick=JavaScript???>Certify</Button>