1. I'm looking for someone who can help me install my alpha5 v9 webserver.
2. As noted below, I will also need a little help to make sure that my developer application can update to the webserver.
3. And verify my database that was working works off the newly installed webserver.
So I wanted to see if this is something that you might be able to help me with
If yes, what is your availability?
and what cost would you propose? I noticed you had some pricing on your website. does that apply?
I prefer a remote access through teamviewer or something similar so I can see what the setup looks like. I think they call that mentorship at AlphaSoftware.com

I have my developers application installed and it works
I don't have the webserver installed.
Alpha Customer Service said I shouldn't install the webserver on the same system as my developers application
They said install the webserver on Godaddy or zebrahost or leasweb.com or similar
I had my old webserver on a compac server that I have, but that crashed a while ago.
The database is all setup in v9 and it worked great.
So now I do have a new harddrive in that compac server and i also have another compac server I could use as a server
so the question is: should I use my windows 7 personal computer to serv or one of my compac servers or godaddy or leaseweb to serve.
I would prefer to use godaddy or leaseweb.
Do you know how to setup a v9 webserver on ie: godaddy or leaseweb?
My database will primarily be used by just myself and a couple assistants. So low volume use. But I want it accessible by web so when I'm out in the field working, which I work in the field 6-8hrs per day, it is necessary.
So back to the question: Do you know how to setup a v9 webserver on ie: godaddy or leaseweb?
and would you be willing to help me set this up? through a remote session?
And what do you think the cost associated with this installation of webserver would be?

I could setup the webserver on my desktop win9 or one of my compac servers, temporarily until the leaseweb or godaddy is set up. but that might be a waste of time. your opinion?

FYI, I was using my v9 web application for several years and it was so helpful to keep track of all my data. It worked great until my server crashed. So I'm just anxious to get the web application back up and running.
Also, I do have v11 [not installed yet] but I will loose some of my features on v9 so I want to get v9 up then slowly convert to v11 or v12?

Thanks in advance.
You can call me if you like at 631-606-2777