I just upgraded to the latest patch, 1658_3088. Now when a user is working on the web app, they get the 403 Forbidden error.

403 Forbidden
This server is not licensed for remote access.
This server can only process requests from the same computer on which it is running by using the URL http://localhost/.

To purchase a different server license, visit the Alpha Software website at http://www.alphasoftware.com/

This error can be eliminated if the user hits the F5 key or hits refresh. Sometimes they get the just part of the web page, sometimes a complete page. They can go along and add records, do views, and then BAM the 403 will pop up again. Hit refresh and they are able to go on (for a while). I rolled back to the latest version and this problem went away, however, the server keeps pegging out at 100% after a couple of hours of use. So I have to force A5 to close and restart.

Anyone else having this problem?