I have finally migrated from Version 8 to Version 10, with only one problem so far. All my forms work as they did before but I then created a new form with an imbedded browse and came across a perceived problem. When the form is displayed all the fields in the imbedded browse are all overlaid on each other to the left of the browse {image 1}, if I click on the right most field edge and drag it across the browse all my fields appear as in my definition {image 2}. Am I missing something that I should be doing on V10 that is different from V8? (The other V8 embedded browses still work normally).

Calling Script:

DIM SHARED varC_typecode as C
DIM SHARED varC_result as C
DIM varC_typecode_rl_def as C
varC_typecode_rl_def = "k=aircraft_type,{keylist_build(\"H=.05,1:25\",''+Type_code,left(''+Aircraft_type,25))}{Generic = .f.}"
varC_result = ui_dlg_box("Type Listing",<<%dlg%
Select Aircraft Type:| [%@varC_typecode_rl_def%.40varC_typecode];
<*15OK!OK> <15Cancel!CANCEL>
IF varC_result = "ok" THEN
dim varP_form as p
varC_query_filter = "type_code ='"-varC_typecode-"'.and. status = 'C'"
varC_query_order = "reg"
varP_form = Form.viewqueried("View_Type_code",VarC_query_filter,VarC_query_order,"dialog","Center","Center")