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conditional object and global script problem

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  • conditional object and global script problem

    There are a lot of postings regarding conditional objects. I didn't see the answer to my problem but I might have missed it.

    I have a form containing 13 conditional obects with text to be displayed.
    The form also has a button to run a global script. The global script will result in some or all of the conditional expressions to become true. My problem is I cannot get the text to appear. I need to be educated. I have tried the following code in the global script after the conditional expression is satisfied via a global variable.

    parentform.refresh_layout() or .refresh() or .resync() or .activate()
    :myform. (and all the above)
    cond1.refresh() or .activate()
    :myform.cond1.refresh() or .activate()
    [just tried everthing I could think of ]

    After the text should be displayed the script continues to run (by design).
    None of these work. I used debug() to make sure these functions were selected when the script runs and that the variable had the correct value.

    I also tried closing the form and then form.view( . That doesn't work either.
    Of course when the execution of the script is done and the form closed the text is then visable when I re-display the form.

    Apparently I don't know what I am doing!

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    Re: conditional object and global script problem

    Hi Arlen,
    Apparently I don't know what I am doing!
    That happens to most of us, most of the time, so dont let that bother you.

    If you could post a sample of your app here, we could take a look and maybe get you back to sanity!!
    Keith Hubert
    Alpha Guild Member
    KHDB Management Systems
    Skype = keith.hubert

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      Re: conditional object and global script problem

      Per Keith's suggestion I am attaching a copy of my app.

      Note: This is only a small portion of my database but it includes the part that is giving this problem. I have made some very minor modifications in order to use this database sample.

      When the program runs a number of modeless dialogs appear. This were put there to aid program design and troubleshooting. They have little meaning for users so I will delete them if I can get the problem with refreshing my form solved.

      1. Open form "Menu-timekeeper"
      2. On the lower left select "Edit Hours" then "Earlier month(s)" and "Continue"
      3 on the next screen select "Finished With Edits"
      4. On the next screen select " Continue Processing Corrections". After the message "January Hours Replaced" appears the word "Completed" and "January" is supposed to be visable ( doesn't happen...this is the problem)
      at the upper right corner of the frame.


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        Re: conditional object and global script problem

        didn't look at your sample, but if you have a script that you want to reset the conditionals and refresh them on the screen before continuing with the rest of the script, do this:

        top of script:
        xx=.t. (will cause the condition to refresh)
        xbasic_wait_for_idle() 'without this, they likely won't refresh until the end of the script

        rest of script
        Cole Custom Programming - Terrell, Texas
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        [email protected]

        "A young man who is not liberal has no heart, but an old man who is not conservative has no mind." GB Shaw


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          Re: conditional object and global script problem

          I ran your database as described and it ran the first time, but I'm getting an error now on removing a file... anyway.

          How about this... as a test I defined a global variable in the Background_he form. mo1=9 and then opened the form and the conditional object displayed.

          So, if you dimensioning of the global variable mo1 too late? The form is already open, and then you dimension the variable after.

          Dim the variable in the form and set it to zero... comment out the dim in the script and give it a try.


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            Re: conditional object and global script problem

            I've played with this a bit mroe.

            I moved the following code into the script repair_direct just to see the flow of code.

            Dim global mo1 as n
            mo1 = 9

            and this shows the object...

            So... diming the variable in the form is not required... looks like just the refresh should be ok.


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              Re: conditional object and global script problem


              You have got it! I would have never figured that out myself. Thank you! Thank you David.


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                Re: conditional object and global script problem

                On behalf of all... very welcome.
                Last edited by Davidk; 08-11-2010, 10:59 PM.


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                  Re: conditional object and global script problem

                  Looks like I got too exicited over a possible solution. I tried David's idea to dim the variables in the form and it worked in a simple test program I had.
                  However, when I did this in my actual database it does not work!

                  By the way this needs to be accomplished in the script "repair_hours"


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                    Re: conditional object and global script problem

                    try dimming the variable as global in the autoexec, and then, unless it is also dimmed as global in the form, don't dim it in the form
                    Cole Custom Programming - Terrell, Texas
                    972 524 8714
                    [email protected]

                    "A young man who is not liberal has no heart, but an old man who is not conservative has no mind." GB Shaw


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                      Re: conditional object and global script problem

                      Just some additional observations: I have been unsuccesful with doing anything with the open form at the end of the script (repair_hours). I can't refresh(), refresh_layout(). activate() or close() the form.


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                        Re: conditional object and global script problem

                        Arlen, I tried to download and unzip your attachment and could not. The zip format you used is not recognized by any of my zip utilities or the Alpha restore utility. Don't know if this is because of corruption in transit over the internet or if you've used a format that's newer than my tools. How did you create the zip file? What specific zip format did you use?


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                          Re: conditional object and global script problem

                          Well... I have to take it back, then :(
                          Sorry it didn't work. I tried downloading again but have the same problem as Tom. Worked ok yesterday. I'm sure the solution will be found by the time I get back to my desk, but going to have another look when I do.

                          What version and build are you using?


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                            Re: conditional object and global script problem

                            I've rezippped the file since there was apparently a problem with my original.


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                              Re: conditional object and global script problem

                              Couldnt get past step 2. the next form didn't open.

                              Also your last statement in the autoexec wants to run a script that isn't present. Not sure if it's relevant but might be if you're thinking certain variables are getting values on startup.