I had some scripts created without my assistance. I believe it was while using the USPS_ZipCode_Lookup function in a form. I also noticed that it did not function as expected causing other fields to go blank at times when doing the lookup. I had inserted the expression in the ondepart event.

I deleted the event until I have time to figure why it was behaving the way it did.

Anyway, when I noticed the odd scripts in my Code Tab I attempted to delete the bad scripts and it resulted in an error message "end of file". When attempting to open the scripts nothing would show except down at the bottom where the line display shows. To the right it would show the beginning of an expression.

I tried compacting the database and then deleting again.

Finally, I created a bogus script and gave it the name of the bad script overwriting it. The bad script was finally able to be deleted. And it deleted all the bad scripts at once instead of having to repeat for each one.

Hope this helps!