I've used A5V4, A5V6, A5V7, And now I'm CONFUSED on V9.
I bought A5v9 Platinum with unlimited RUN Engine in 2009.
I'm just now trying to install and use it. Haven't developed anything since A5V6.
I initially installed all three peices on my XP developement PC.
Downloaded and installed patches appServer_patch, full_patch, RE_RT_patch.
Had a mess, uninstalled everything, cleaned registry of all Alpha stuff.
Installed A5V9 by its self. seemed to run OK.
I wanted to apply its patch, so ran the a5v9_full_patch.
Ended up with three extra folders in Program Files, ApplicationServer(has a few files), RunEngine(has a few files), and RunTime(has a bunch of files).

Ques.1- If I now install the RunEngine and ApplicationServer on this same developement PC should I run the other two patches to update them?

Ques.2- Can I delete that runtime folder that got added with the patch or is this of value to me?

Ques.3- Do I need or want the runengine installed on the developement PC?

When I packaged an app for deployment in A5V6 I had documentation with the runtime to get me started in the right direction, and alpha provided WISE to package it with. I can't find anything about deploying with this RunEngine thingy.
I've looked through the forum and on the support site.
Am I missing something??
If you know of any documentation for putting together a deployable application, please tell me where it is.
I'm begining to wish I had just ordered the standard A5V9 with a single Runtime in case someone wanted to use the simple apps I develop.
Thanks for any help you can provide