Thanks for the reply on my problem with installing Runtime but I doubt I explained the issue very clearly. My past issues of runtime were installed as simply a5v4 in the program folder. Now that I am updating to the new a5v4.5
the default folder it wants to update is a5v4_runtime?????
On the single workstation that I updated it appeared that the current version of runtime was updated but I was concerned that this additional folder should not be there or the original install of the runtime version should have been called something else. So I deleted the newly created a5v4_runtime leaving the original install folder of runtime named a5v4 (but located in the program folder). Then I renamed the a5v4(loacted in the progam folder) to a5v4_runtime. Then I re installed the up date to the folder that was now identical to the folder that it wanted to install to. Then I simply whent back and changed all of my short cuts to find this new folder.

I am operating WOI (With Out Instructions) so I am wondering is this OK or is there a problem???? Secondly I am not sure why I have been written back that I have to update the full version of A5v4 to receive the full benefit of the new changes to the software as the runtime version do not have anything to do with the Full version, as the Full version simply creates the files that the runtime runs off of?????? Or am I missing something.

I have read most of the messages posted on the board back to Jan 2001 and I can see hints of my question in many of the messages but I can seem to find the right hammer and nail combination to put this little bug to bed.

Thanks again
All of your are very helpful

Geo Yust III