Dear fellow Alpha Four users,

I have been a loyal user and supporter of Alpha Four for DOS for over 5 years. It has served me and my business very well.

I have always been reluctant to make the switch over to Alpha Five version 4.0/4.5 due to what I consider it's difficulties.

I have had the great opportunity to be able to beta test version 5 of Alpha Five. I must say that it is GREATLY improved over Alpha Five version 4.0/4.5. To say it is "greatly improved" is really putting it lightly.

The ability to surpass the capability and functionality of Alpha Four is in this product, and then some. I really can?t sit here and talk about just a couple of improvements because there are so many in so many areas of the product. With all the added features and improvements, I don't see anything that can't be done with this product.

I never have used a product until Alpha Four that I would call a Killer-App. Alpha Five Version 5 is now the 2nd product I would call a Killer-App.

Give it a shot, you'll be amazed.