Just got my copy of Alpha4v7 and noticed a minor problem with the windows printer recognition feature. Please nothe though that this problem might not exist on every CD alpha4 shipped. It's just a type in the batch file that starts a4.

On startup, Alpha4 creates a file called "prininfo.a4" located in the "alpha4..spool" directory. When creating a windows printer though, alpha4v7 looks for a file called "...spoolptrinfo.a4" a simple typo in the program.

An easy fix is to modify the a4.bat or alpha4.bat batch file as follows:

change the line
"printdump.exe spoolprininfo.a4"
"printdump.exe spoolptrinfo.a4"

printdump.exe spoolptrinfo.a4
start winagent "|path=spool|delete=yes|keep_req=no"
a4v7.exe -2
start winagent "command=quit"