We are having a problem with the file not found or access denied message appearing when we try and open a database. This problem is occurring on one PC out of 150 and only happens in one of the dozen’s of databases we have. We are using alpha4v6 and the users access the databases using a private directory on the server. The problem PC is running windows 98 over an NT network using TCP/IP.

The user can open our main menu program without a problem but when they try and go into the problem database they get the file not found or access denied error when that database’s main form tries to load. This user and PC can work in other databases. This user can also go to other PCs on the network and access the problem database. Other users can use the problem database without any problems, but not from the problem PC.

We have tried recreating the private directory for this PC on the server and the shortcut on the PC to open Alpha4 without any luck. I can use a shortcut created from the problem PCs private directory on another PC on the network and can access the problem database.

If anybody has any ideas we would appreciate them.