I have used A4 since v 2.something and recently acquired anew notebook with WIN2000 that I needed to run A4V6.2 on. At first I had crashes every time I entered 2 records back to back in my application or attempted to change a record. Editing the c:/WINNT/SYSTEM32/CONFIG.NT file did the trick here. I added


and all seems to be running fine now (not sure stacks is needed/supported but put it there "just in case." BTW SYSTEM32 is a "hidden" folder and you have to UNcheck "do not show hidden files and folders" in Explorer>tools>folder options>view

My problem? No mouse since going to WIN2000 and lost many color patterns. The notebook is a new Toshiba Satellite PRO 4300. Any ideas???
Bob Slayden, M.D.