I had a failure of the OS and after "repairing" I lost the capability to log into my A4 Ver. 4 program. When I try to log in it asks for my registration number. I have the original disks with a number on the first disk, but it doesn't recognize any combination of that number. My question to the board members is two-fold.
How do I recover my registration number (if it isn't the number listed on the first disk), or alternately, if I elect not to enter the registration number, the software defaults to a box saying there was a "LAN error" and I must exit. Can I open a file in the software install and change the LAN parameters so as to access the basic program? I am using the ethernet port for web access and never had this problem before the OS failure.
P.S. I used the original disks to do a second install in hope the new install would grant me access. No luck. Same box with requirement to register or exit to DOS (claiming a LAN error). My thanks in advance for any and all help.