Question is about printing remotely! I have users who remote into us to work. The first sign on is the Novell, Netware 6.5 server and once they sign in there they are in the terminal server which is Windows 2003. Each user has their own printer. When a user signs into Alpha Four works and tries to print they get knocked out of the program. I have some users who were set up years ago and I just changed their computers to Windows 7 and accessed remote services, change the options for it in the remote screen to connect ports when they sign in and they are working fine. I'm not sure why but they are fine. I'm not an IT person but I have some knowledge and am good at researching but I can't figure this one out.
I log into the terminal server myself with my credentials, access Alpha Four V6 and as soon as I hit P for print....Gone...!!! I'm using a HP Laser Jet I, II, III, IV for the driver in Alpha and locally I print fine. If you choose to accept this challenge...I would appreciate any help!!! My OS is Windows XP.