I have copies of A4 V8 running on several XP machines, but only one prints properly. Unfortunately, that machine is now running in Safe Mode and while the data is accessible and backed up, I don't have an entire system backup to fall back on. I'm trying to get one of the copies of A4 on another computer working instead, but the forms, etc. all print wrong. The fonts are different and the spacing is off, so that the printing creeps down the form, etc.

I'm sure this is a driver issue. I've installed the official Epson LQ2180 driver, but it doesn't work. The printer configuration for that driver doesn't allow any modification, and it offers fewer options than the one on the Safe Mode computer. Unfortunately, I can't determine which driver that is, since it won't show in the Windows Printers display.

My guess is that I need something like a generic 24-pin printer driver that can be modified to conform to the parameters set up by the guy who designed our system. He's long gone.

Any suggestions on what i should do? I think it may be possible to copy that driver from the crippled machine, but haven't tried it yet, and not sure if it is possible operating in Safe Mode.