New Release of Alpha Anywhere
Powers Great Looking and Intuitive
End-User Experiences
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Below are just some of the highlights

The Most Advanced Offline Capabilities of Any Platform in the Market.

Now in addition to uniquely customizable conflict resolution options,
it is easy to build mobile apps that can store huge amounts of
data (databases, videos, documents) in the SQL lite database for
offline use.

Add Elegance and Sophistication to Your App's Interface

The new Kanban visual control is great for visual management and tracking of data for almost any kind of application. Data can be grouped in categories, and end users can drag and drop data between categories and within categories. Its a very natural way to work with data

Easily Integrate JSON Data in Your Apps

JSON has become the new standard for data exchange, and with these new JSON features, you can easily work with complex (hierarchical) JSON data sources in both web and mobile applications.

Creating Polished Displays Just Got a Lot Easier

Just two examples:

It is now a snap to responsively size controls relative to a device's screen height. Alpha can automatically hide and reveal columns based on screen size

Developing in Alpha Alpha is now Easier

Debugging (and more) with the new Built in Browser-Based SQL Viewer is super-helpful for remote debugging- this lets you query a SQL data source and view results in a web page instead of relying on the Alpha IDE or 3rd party software.

Build amazing Interactive menus, Modern Animated Transient Messages, Drop Down Messages and More

Create smart, polished and modern looking menus for users that intelligently determine which menu choices should appear based on business logic. Plus add animated Transient and Drop-down messages (as well as iOS Style Action Sheets) for a professional, modern look.

Advanced Searching Makes it Easy to add Intuitive but Powerful and Very Granular Search into Your Apps

Grid components now allow searches across all fields in the grid. And in both mobile and web applications, you can now save and share searches with other users.

Audit Trails and Multi-tenancy Offers Valuable and Time Saving Enhancements for Developers

The sophisticated audit trail driver automatically logs data as they are changed.The multi-tenancy driver makes it much easier to build commercial SaaS apps

End-user expectations for attractive, fast and intuitive apps is rising.
You Can be Prepared with the Latest Alpha Anywhere

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