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Carl M. Pearson wrote:

Alpha Five v10 is good stuff.

I explored numerous tools before embarking on the Red Cross effort. One of the main reasons I chose Alpha 5 is that the users at Red Cross, all volunteers, have no idea how to build a system. All I get are clues from which I have to deduce what data might be useful, how to present it, and how to sanitize it.

Alpha 5 gave me the agility that Iron Speed and others did not. Visual Studio would take 5x or 10x the time. I was right … Alpha 5 is the development equivalent of crack.

As it starts to come alive (we are going through the “Project Specification Creep” mode at a gallop now) “AND THEN IT COULD DO THIS!” is a common phrase. Just last week there was a meeting with several more people adding their druthers. When it settles down and starts to take root, I’ll let you know.

There are 3 players in the mix that should get some PR out of the deal. Motorola, Alpha, and MCL-Collection. MCL-Collection is the software RAD for the Motorola handheld computers that will scan and post into SQL Server, from where Alpha 5 takes it further. Alpha 5 is to the server as MCL-Collection is to the handheld.

The videos have been very helpful. I may want to ask for a clue now and then. I’ll do posts on the blog when I need clues.


Windows 2008 Server.

SQL Server 2008 Web.

Alpha 5 Web Server.

Motorola MC9090 Windows Mobile barcode scanning terminals.

Motorola wireless infrastructure.

MCL-Net data collection server software.

MCL-Collection software on the MC9090s.


SQL Server Studio

Alpha 5 Developer

MCL-Collection Developer

Carl Pearson


Motorola volunteer to Red Cross

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I am glad you are excited so far:)

call me later in the week and I will show you some very cool stuff.
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Carl M. Pearson wrote:

Got it and got the web server installed and activated.

Why do I have the gut feeling like I just bought my first nugget of crack cocaine?

Carl ~ Texas