The Forum Moderators got together with a few Alpha staff members and drafted some simple Forum Rules.

A list of your Forum Moderators can be found at:

Please note -- These rules are applied to the extreme case and not intended to sideline constructive discussion or criticism. In general, a high tolerance has always been observed on our forum.

Moderators may unapprove* posts/threads and warn the poster in cases where:
  1. The post includes foul language
  2. The post contains quotes from private conversations without permission (on an obviously private matter)
  3. The post has an obvious destructive agenda
  4. The post contains a personal attack
  5. The post is used to mock, shame or deride anyone including the forum owner

A Moderator may suspended the user if there are repeated abuse of any actions above.

A Moderator may rename posts/threads are if they are too generic or do not properly reflect the content.

The Forum Owner has the right to ban any forum member without notice, reason or explanation. Typically this action is based on continued violations of the list above.

Forum users are encouraged to click the "Report Post" icon in the lower left of a given post if they feel the post is in violation of the rules. This will alert the Moderators to take a look.

*Posts/threads that are "unapproved" are hidden from public view and sent to the Moderators section for additional review. It is possible to re-approve a post after additional review or based on appeal from forum users.