Alpha Anywhere 4.4.5 has been released.

This release includes over 40 new features for mobile, web, and desktop applications, including:
  • Expanded library of pre-defined controls and editors for data capture
  • New UX and ViewBox Templates to jump start application development
  • Improved offline functionality, resulting in increased speed and reliability
  • Support for Usage Descriptions and Native buttons in iOS applications
  • New option to publish AlphaLaunch applications to Amazon S3
  • New styling options for RadioButtons & CheckBox controls
  • Support for user-defined Project or System style sheets
  • New layout options for the Grid Component, including a delete all checkbox and repeating column headings for summary values
  • Expanded Data Integration with support for connecting to SQLite databases
  • Amazon S3 Ohio Region support
  • New features for Xdialog Lists and Wait dialogs

To take advantage of these new features, download the latest release today from within Alpha Anywhere (Help > Check For New Version)

Not an Alpha Anywhere developer? Download the Trial version instead.