Years ago (back in the old DOS days), a bug was defined as an 'undocumented feature'. I may be the last guy in the world to find this, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

You make a change to some component of a database (modify a table, form, script, etc.) and save the change. You open Windows Explorer because you want to copy all the files in the database that have been changed to another location, but Windows 7 Pro shows the 'Date' (date created). However, if you hover your mouse over any of the items, you will see the modified date. That will work, but it's not what you want.

Right click any of the column headings and you will see a number of items, some of which are checked and some that are unchecked. In Win 7 Pro, by default 'Date' is checked and 'Date modified' is unchecked. Reverse those checkmarks and you'll be able to see all the files impacted by the change you made within Alpha. Win 7 Home works the same way, but the checked (and unchecked) options are slightly different. Change them to suit your preferences. Also, take a look at the 'More...' option at the bottom of either list.