Alpha Software staff,

I bought a monthly subscription to alpha anywhere a few minutes ago to take advantage of the free runtime and server promotion. Paypal did not seem to work (gave me an error), so I used a credit card instead. After doing so, I noticed that instead of $99 being charged, $198 was charged.

Please refund me $99 - I only wanted to buy ONE monthly subscription, not two. I am a solo programmer and do not need or want two licenses. I did used your contact form to ask the same thing, but I am not sure if it went through properly. All I received was a "Thank You" and no real confirmation.

Let me know what you need from me to do the refund.

Here is the Order Information:

Moderator - edited out the order details. Mike please send this to Alpha Customer Service (Alpha does not monitor this forum).

Thank you and I hope you take care of this quickly.