When I search for my alias ATTA, I only get found items in version 9 and below, nothing in V10 web edition.

I am looking for a post about how to email. I have THE biggest issues with emailing here at the big M
This is what I use and I put it in the after SQL execute but I get the error function not known.
dim pm as P

dim ps as P

if (email_smtp_open(ps, "mail.alphasoftware.com", 25, "username", "password")) then

pm.to = "eavan@alphasoftware.com"

pm.from = "aaron@alphasoftware.com"

pm.subject = "my subject"

pm.message = "this is the message"

pm.attachments = <<%str




pm.html_message = "This is the message in HTML"

email_smtp_send(pm, ps)

end if


Of course I do change the settings to my settings.